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Survival Mode P3

This week I'm finishing out the series on Survival Mode. Let's kick baseline living the curb and work to really live life to the fullest!

Survival Mode P.1

Stress is a part of EVERY life. Stress happens, good or bad. Stress takes a toll on all aspects of our being- body, soul and spirit. When we get overloaded with stress our body kicks into what's called "Survival Mode." The next three episodes I unpack  what survival mode is, how to handle it and also how to avoid it! The science of it and the scriptures that apply!

Approaching Jesus

Season 1; Episode 16

Have you ever envisioned having a cup of coffee alongside Jesus? Or enjoying his company at a party? Thinking of the Prince of Peace as being someone that we can approach as a friend or family member can transform everything in our world! It's a pivotal piece of our success as a Royal Warrior. In this episode we examine John 2:1-12

Physical Toxins

Season 1; Episode 14

This podcast unpacks some truths about how important the stewardship of our bodies really is. Laura Davis and I talk about how to keep our beautifully designed detoxification system in tip top shape! Living in this world means there are a lot of toxins that we take in on a daily basis that we have no control over- but there are a plethora of toxins that we CAN illuminate! There is hope!

This is the last of the Toxin series--- Comment below and let us know what things you enjoyed most about it!

Soul Toxins

Bet you haven't heard of Soul Toxins! In this episode Laura Davis and I unpack what toxins come against our soul. Being aware is the first step in the detox process! Hope you have as much fun with this one as we did!

Season 1 Episode 13

Spiritual Toxins

It seems like our culture is starting to become more aware about the toxins that we are living in. This is part one of a 3 part series on Toxins! These 3 episodes feature health and wellness advocate, Laura Davis. Let's dig into this concept as we Unpack Spiritual, Soul, and Physical Toxins!

UnPacked; Season 1, Episode 12

Love that fills the gaps.

In this episode of Unpacked we conclude this series on love with some Hebrew words!

UnPacked; Season 1,Episode 10

The Love of a Brother

On this episode of Unpacked I tackle the concept of Jesus being a brother to us. Have you ever contemplated what it looks like to experience a Philo love with God? Well, here's your chance!

UnPacked; Season 1, Episode 10

Princess Bride

What is EROS LOVE, Yo? The church doesn't talk much about this- but let's Unpack it a little, shall we?! In this episode of Unpacked I examine the concept of the Holy Spirit being the lover of our souls. We'll look at the definition of the word Eros and look at how AGAPE Eros can be applied to our life within our relationship to the Holy Spirit.

Love Never Fails

Tackling the topic of LOVE! Scripture says God is love. Let's unpack this word so that we can better understand this God of ours! This is part 1 of a 4 part series on LOVE.

Your truth, my truth, & The Truth

The word "truth" seems to be used pretty liberally these days. This episode tackles the concept that The Truth is not relative. Certain things are true about people that aren't true about others. Yet the Truth is never changing.

Unpacked: Season 1, Episode 7

Power Walking

This episode I talk about some key components in how to walk with God in the daily!  The truth is, we have power in each step we take when we abide with our God!

**** In this episode I quote an excerpt entitled "Four Things you need to Walk with God Daily"
from "MORE" by Tammie Head******

Unpacked: Season 1 Episode 6

Let’s Get Physical

In this episode I get a little passionate as I share about the importance of stewarding our bodies well and nourishing this physical temple of the Holy Spirit.  I mean, we reap what we sow.  BUT, it's also super important that we not place our particular convictions about details upon others.

Unpacked; Season 1 Episode 5

The Case Against the “Quiet Time”

This episode features Nancy Carter who is leader and founder of Tent, a Mentorship Movement for Women.  We unpack the term "Quiet Time" which is so frequently used in the Christian culture.  Nancy and I discuss it's meaning and placement in our lives.

Nancy Carter is my spiritual mentor, my spiritual mother really.   This woman knows how to invest in other women and is an expert at creating a beautiful atmosphere of women who love really REALLY well.  With a love that is grounded and sourced in the Truth.

IF YOU ARE IN COLORADO! I absolutely encourage you to check out Big Tent at the East Simpson Coffee Company in Lafayette on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30!

Unpacked; Season 1 Episode 4

The Secret To Discipline P.2

In this episode we continue the discussion about discipline, but lean into the more practical side of how to implement it.

Unpacked; Season 1 Episode 3

The Secret to Discipline P.1

In this episode we talk about the importance of knowing the drive behind what you. And establishing what exactly you believe.
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The Importance of UnPacking

In this episode, I build the foundation of why the show is called "Unpacked" and discuss how important it is to not put God or yourself, in a box and why you must make sure to keep a mystery box!

UnPacked Podcast Episode 1 - The Importance of UnPackingShow - Unpacked S1S1

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