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We have the power that rose Christ from the grave!

Not only did Christ die and rise again to give us eternal life... But He did it so that we experience His mighty power and live in His victory NOW.

The Posture of Power  is my all new 12 week soul training course! In week 11 of the training the theme verse comes from John 18.  Which falls right before the time of the Crucifixion.

We are living in a unique time.  And I felt it pressed upon me to celebrate Resurrection Sunday and the launch of this new Training by giving this one week free!


  • Sunday: Print out the Strength training theme verse & read the chapter it comes from.  Also to print out the weeks Stretches (Journaling & video notes).
  • Monday: Watch your warm up video all about the context of our verse.  Do the stretches that go along with it or save them to do on Tuesday to create a habit of doing some training everyday. (You can use the other stretches the day after the video as well! This provides you with daily training all week!)
  • Wednesday: watch the Core Conditioning video to really make our theme verse a part of your core values. You've got journal stretches so that you are able to solidify what you've learned!  Use them!
  • Friday: The Fat Burn Video is about identifying & cutting out lies that tend to naturally creep into our thoughts and beliefs! I encourage you to do more than just listen to these training's, but activate them by doing the journal work.

Let's do this!  You've got everything you need to live in victory- now CHOOSE to train in the Truth to really BELIEVE it!