Does The Brand Matter?

Why Does the Brand Matter?


With the rising trend, companies have looked for ways to produce cheap & sell cheap in order to be competitive in this market.

The truth is essential oils that are NOT 100% pure can be straight up dangerous. & most of the oils on the market are beyond adulterated. The FDA does NOT regulate the contents of essential oils (they regulate the claims made by companies), but the only thing required of a company for their oils to be sold in stores is that 5% of the bottle be “pure essential oils”.

—-> “think fresh squeezed orange juice VS SUNNY D.

The reason Young Living’s oils are so different is their unmatched commitment to producing a pure, unadulterated oil. They have a close eye & incredible care for their process…from the plant’s seed to the sealed oil.

(Young Living’s Seed to Seal® process // )

—–> See the FB post about the Oil Company calls:

I want to know that the company I am supporting is supporting something I believe in.  This needs to be more important than convenience.

The Young living foundation came to be in 2009.  The focused is on giving those who receive far  too little attention the tools and resources they need to unlock possibilities. The mission and vision serve as our compass for providing long-term solutions.

There are 3 facets to the foundation focusing on lasting change.

  • Championing Education
  • Developing Enterprise
  • Ending Exploitation