Stress Away

Stress Away

-Rub a drop on each shoulder when you’ve been at the computer too long.

-Take this via capsule and it’s like having a glass of wine!

-Pop that roller cap in it that came with your kit, and roll it on. Often. Like, keep it in our pocket, ha! 

-Keep in your car for those days you want to run someone off the road.

-Roll this on your wrists right when you wake up-helps to keep that positive attitude up! 

-Combine with Lavender on your wrists to relax when the deadlines are looming.

-Bathe in it…

-Diffuse during sleep for a restful night.

-Rub on dogs fur to relieve stress from thunder, fireworks, trip to vet, etc.

-Rub on wrists or behind ears for a perfume.

-Diffuse in the car when picking up children from school

-Diffuse or rub on back of neck at night to help with sleep

-Make a roller with stress away and lavender plus carrier oil and keep it in the car to keep you calm while driving!