-Add several drops to your favorite brownie mix.

-Add several drops to some chocolate and coconut oil to make peppermint bark. 

-Add 1 drop to water to keep you from overeating.

-Add a couple drops to your mop bucket- puts a pep in your step and actually makes me want to clean! 

-Place one drop in your mouth to freshen breath!

-Drop under tongue to increase alertness.

-Place 1 drop in the toilet if you need a little help going. 

-Place a drop on your thumb and press it to the roof of your mouth for stuffy sinus relief.

-Deeply inhale from the bottle when head and neck tension are present.

-Rub up and down spine to help reduce a fever.

-Inhale from bottle to settle an upset tummy or add 2 drops to 2-3 oz water and drink.

-Add one-two drops to water and drink ½ hour before yard work or exercise for stamina.

-Add to diffuser with a couple of ice cubes to help cool down a room!

-Add about 50 drops to distilled water in a 16 ounce spray bottle for a mouse/ant repellent.

-Add one drop to coffee with creamer

-Put a few drops and some water in a spray bottle and spritz on in the hot weather to keep from overheating

-Put a drop on a cotton ball in your linen closet (or any closet) to keep it smelling fresh!