-Use on fatigued muscles (combines well with copaiba and peppermint).

-Use on joints to relieve pain

-Rub over lower abdomen to relieve cramps. Top with Copaiba to intensify the effect!

-Throw fitment on it and rub on back of neck for nursing neck.

-Use with fitment to rub on temples to help migraines.

-Combine with copaiba and carrier oil to rub on growing kiddos legs for “growing pains” or shin splints.

-Add to Epsom salt for a soothing detox bath.

-Mix with Copaiba, Frankincense, Peppermint and coconut oil to make a muscle rub. 

-Have your massage therapist to rub it into your muscles to reduce pain afterwards

– Melt down some coconut oil, let it cool and add 10-15 drops of Panaway (amount depends on size of container) to make a muscle rub (can add peppermint too!)