-Remove ink from fabric by applying oil and running the item through the washer.

-Add a drop or two to 8 oz of water each morning for a morning detox flush.

-Diffuse with Lavender & Peppermint for seasonal relief. 

-Put 1 to 2 drops neat onto something that is sticky-it helps get the goo off! 

-Add drops to butter and drizzle for an amazing fish dish!

-Use a few drops on a cloth to get child graffiti off of the walls.

-Use to remove sticky gunk from items in place of Goo Be Gone.

-Dilute and rub in armpits when fever is present.

-Inhale from the bottle to help calm your tummy when on a boat.

-Dilute and rub behind the ears to help with cabin pressure relief when landing after a flight.

-Lemon for removing gum in kiddos hair!

-Add 20 drops to a glass of water to provide Urinary Tract support

-Mix a couple drops in your olive oil for an infused flavor

-Use in chicken dishes for a refreshing flavor

-Add a few drops to baking soda for a homemade soft scrub to use on sinks and tubs

-Add a drop or two to your laundry soap to make your laundry come out smelling fresher

-Add a drop or two to your wool dryer balls for fresher smelling clothes