-Use to soothe bug bites and stings.

-Rub into your scalp to promote hair health.

-Add one drop to a new tube of mascara to help grow lush lashes. Also stretches the life of the mascara!

-Rub onto sunburned skin to help soothe.

-Apply to big toes nightly (using vita flex chart) to help assist with sleep.

-Apply to the back of your neck when you’re crossing time zones along with Cedarwood.

-Add to some coconut oil for a boo-boo cream ready to go. 

-Keep a bottle in the kitchen near the stove to soothe occasional burns.

-Add a drop to Earl Grey tea, or to a latte.

-Diffuse for a great night’s sleep.

-Rub onto kids’ feet with a drop of carrier oil to help promote deep sleep.

-Soothes minor scrapes, bumps and cuts

-Add to warm Almond Milk with Cinnamon and a little honey to promote Sleep.