-Put in your facial lotion and prepare to look like an angel!

-Sniff from bottle to ground yourself when feeling overwhelmed or unsure.

-Apply to the spine for a happy immune system.

-Diffuse during Bible study, prayer, or just alone time to think. 

-Apply over any joints.

-Add one drop to your bible (on the leather) before quiet time. Your bible will begin to smell of Frankincense; you’ll begin to smell the frank even before you open up your bible.

-Apply neat to scars daily and watch them fade.

-Apply neet to underside of jaw and neck to reduce sagging skin.

-Apply 1 drop to the crown of your head before meditation.

Apply over chest and/or diffuse before bedtime when you’re feeling under the weather or need a little help in the respiratory department. 

-Diluted frankincense dabbed under the eyes to depuff and look awake and rested

-Mix with Stress Away and Lavender in a 10 ml roller top with carrier oil for a “calm mom” blend. 

-Mix w lemon + lavender (1:1:1) for a magic line & dark circle eraser

-Helps soothe sore throats