Citrus Fresh

Citrus Fresh

-Add to your diffuser to make your kitchen feel cleaner than it is lol.

-Put a few drops on cotton balls and leave overnight in stinky shoes and in the bottoms of trash cans.

-Put a drop on the inside of toilet paper roll in your bathroom for a fresh scent every time the roll spins!!

-Add a drop or two to water and drink up for antioxidant support, great taste, and a gentle detox.

– Add to your diffuser along with Peppermint to uplift you when you’re feeling tired.

-Diffuse to knock down cooking odors after dinner.

-Add a couple of drops to wool dryer balls for fresh laundry.

-Mix with baking soda and water to make a killer tub scrub. 

-Mix with raw sugar and cold pressed coconut oil for a fast, amazing sugar scrub to use in your nightly bathing routine. Makes an awesome gift too, and leaves skin so soft and smooth.

-Make a DIY room freshener spray 

-Mix 8 drops in ½-1 cup of baking soda, sprinkle on carpets. Let sit 10 mins and vacuum for refreshed carpet. 

-Add a drop or two to your wool dryer balls for fresher smelling clothes!