Brain Priming



  • A Belief is a repeated thought and emotion that we experience
  • Our subconscious mind makes up 80-90 percent of our daily choices
  • The reticular activation system in our mind will only allow us to absorb things that align with our beliefs
  • To be sure our beliefs line up with the truth we need to be intentional about Thinking about the Truth
  • Brain Priming is a way to train the brain and build new automatic pathways for the subconscious
  • It takes 21 day to build a new auto pathway in the brain.
  • Being a Royal Warrior means being completely confident of our position in Christ and our capability to move forward equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit to do all the Things He’s called us to do.
  • Philippians 4:4-8 tells us what our thoughts should resemble
  • The brain does not distinguish between past, present and future.
  • The brain automatically looks for evidence to support the conscious thought
  • We can activate faith by envisioning our victories
  • Brain Priming:
    • Step 1: Thanksgiving
    • Step 2: “I am” truths
    • Step 3: Envision Victory, activate faith
    • Step 4: Re-establish daily time in the Word

Use the Royal Warrior Mindset Sheet to Brain Prime:

Royal Warrior Mindset Funsheet