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Warrior Wellness Masterclass

A 3 Session Masterclass with Christine & Nutritional Therapist Laura Davis!

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When you become a Train in Truth Pro, applying yourself to the

Truth of God's Word, a new realm of liberating relationship &

confident living is yours for the taking!

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The Posture of Power

20 Days of Intention

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The Break-Up with Sugar Bootcamp

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The Royal Warrior Mindset

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Wellness Training

Ready To FEEL Like More Than A Conqueror?!

Learn To Live Abundantly In Your Body, Soul & Spirit

For The Woman Who Loves Jesus

& Wants To Feel Like More Than A Conqueror.

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This training includes:

+12 modules

+Nutritional Protocols,

+Digital Devotionals

+Community Accountability

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Crown & Sword Training

Spiritual Training for Becoming A Royal Warrior

anywhere, anytime

This Training includes:

Full length messages

Chapter videos

Digging deeper modules

Scripture Links

AND online monthly meet-ups with Christine & other members

5 Day Bootcamp

Overcome the manipulative lure of sugar!

We all have our own unique relationship with sugar…

And- if we’re honest… our boundaries with this sneaky guy can be… eh, shady.

That sugar is VERY good at being conniving and manipulative as we often give it the power over our thoughts and feelings…

If you feel as though you’ve got some unhealthy fling going on with this substance,

finding your-self embarrassed about how much you think about it and consume it,

if you often hide in your pantry and use it to help alleviate that stress and anxiety…

It’s time to do something about it!


That’s right. Time to set ups some healthy boundaries in your relationship with sugar.

We will walk through simple steps to set, and keep, boundaries

around your junk food intake. We integrate both Scripture and Science as we navigate how to step into a healthier body, soul & spirit-

and feel capable to do all that God has called us too.


The Crown & Sword Book

Spiritual Training for Becoming A Royal Warrior

Crown & Sword will equip you to embrace the royal title you are given when you step into relationship with God, and also to obediently live a powerful, efficient, and effective life.

Crown & Sword walks through a journey of applying 2 Timothy1:7
in four parts:

1) Renounce fear

2) Claim and maintain the Spirit of power over your own life

3) Embrace the royal title given to you in love

4) Engage in the seasons of life with the spirit of discipline

If you are woman in a relationship with our Mighty God, you have been given a CROWN and a royal title, and you have been commissioned to use the SWORD of truth to fight the good fight.
You are a Royal Warrior!