How can I serve your community?

Spoken Word

Choose from one of Christine's spoken word scripts or have her compose a piece specifically for your event.

Womens Events

Have Christine bring a message of truth

to your conference, retreat, or gathering.


Fighting Fear

Gain a perspective in life that gives victory! Disarm anxiety while learning to distinguish the balance between the "Being" and the "Doing."   This message is filled with imagery and tangible take-aways!

The Posture of Power

Let's not let life "just happen."  Learn how to show up in life powerfully!  This is training on how to claim and maintain the Spirit of Power.  Including how to have power over our past, our emotions, our thoughts & the enemy.

Living Loved

Dismiss thoughts and feelings of being worthless.  This training identifis the ways that God loves you through the trinity while equipping you to own the spiritual authority that is rightfully yours!

The Discipline of Doing

We may not naturally be self-disciplined, God has given us everything we need to be obedient & advance in life!  Train to know how to tap into the Spirit of discipline to do all the things you're called to do.  Meet the battles of life with both grace & authority!

Have Christine Speak at Your Event!

With the diversity of speaking Christine offers, the time and energy given to each event varies.

Contact Christine to discover how she might serve at your gathering!

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