Known for her disarming authenticity, creative poetry, and mic- dropping truth,

Christine would be a great addition to your next event or broadcast!

(don't worry, she doesn't actually drop microphones...)

Types Of Events

  • Women's Events & Retreats

  • Fundraisers

  • Youth Events & Retreats

  • Health Conferences


Scripture Based Messages

The Crown & Sword Quad Shot

+Fighting Fear

Denouncing the Spirit of Fear

+A Powerful Life

Participating with the Spirit of Power

+ The Love That Crowns You

Gain confidence in your Royal Identity

+Activating The Spirit Of Discipline

Practical ways to engage in the

Spiritual Battle

These can be delivered individually

or all 4 make the perfect a retreat!

These messages compliment the

Bible Study Curriculum "Crown & Sword"

View Crown & Sword Teachings Below!

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Spoken Word

A short message or testimony

spoken in prose (it's really cool).

+ I am Mom

A mothers true identity

+The Darkness

Victory over clinical depression

+The Spirit of Power

Explanation of free will & Holy Spirit

+The Sting

From one who's had an abortion

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Bible Based Wellness

It's all about stewarding our bodies well

+Renewing The Mind

Learn practical tools to do what Scripture instructs regarding our thoughts & how science backs up what God has always said.

+Break Up With Sugar Boot Camp

How to set lasting boundaries in your relationship with sugar.

(a full day workshop or hour long overview)

+ The Eternal Life In A Temporary Body

How our physical being has to do with our spiritual success.

View a clip of Christine sharing

about her wellness program

What People Say

I asked several ladies for some feedback on the Retreat. They were very positive and had sweet things to say about your personality, wonderful things to say about the content of your teaching.

"It was very focused”,

“She put things in a way that I’d never heard them before”

“She gave me a lot to think about!” and

“She covered a lot, I was not bored!”

God is doing a work in and through you, Christine. It is an honor to watch and have received the message directly from you, LIVE! So powerful!

-Lisa O'Shea, women's ministry leader

Upcoming Events

October 20-21

Heart of the City, Woman's Retreat

Schweitzer Ski Resort

October 23rd

Perfectly Known, Spoken Word Release


October 30

Devoted In The Daily

Season 3 Drops

November 27

New Series on Devoted In The Daily

* Family Feuds *

December 14

North Idaho Christian School


Christine has been adventuring with Jesus since about 1994, ministering since 2000, "wife-ing" since 2006, moming since 2007, and being an author since 2017.

"The four boys we had within 5 years are now old enough to pour their own cereal, so most of my sanity has returned. You'll likely find me carrying a mug of coffee, even if it's decaf (don't judge!). Also, thyroid disease has NOT got the best of me." 😉