Soul Training

Get correct posture & work the right muscles to thrive in life!

These are the top three things

I've learned to expect when living a thriving life:

***Walk with a CONFIDENT PEACE and JOY (even when you’re sad, sick, in relational conflict, or  in mourning)

*** STABILITY in all the seasons of life…the good, hard, sad, challenging, or new seasons

***Having a SENSE OF ADVENTURE that comes from an expectant confidence in the destiny God has for you

Soul Training is an online discipleship program that comes straight to you.  You'll get trained to tap into the power God has made available to you,  learning how to work the right muscles to create results that include mental, emotional, and spiritual success!

In Soul Training we will tackle the 5 pillar principles of a thriving Christian life:

1)Get to know God
2)Identify and establish healthy core values
3)Identify lies that are influencing your  life (and abolish them)
4)Wrestle and question God
5)Declare the truth over yourself and those around you

When I was a personal trainer I taught many women how to strengthen the right muscles in order to correct their posture. Having correct physical posture is key to looking and feeling good physically…but a healthy posture of the soul will affect every area of your life.

Soul Training is designed to give you 3 video's a week, 2 weekly print outs and access to a community of people for support. 

Get all access as a Train in Truth Member ($10 monthly) or get the full 9 week training without membership. ($54) 


Three brief & powerful video lessons weekly

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Weekly Scripture & Journal Printouts

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