Warrior Wellness

Warrior Wellness


This is a 12 week course with Christine Jaynes and nutritional therapist Laura Davis includes coaching every step of the way! This course will coach you on how to thrive in Spirit, Body & Soul.

This easy to navigate course covers:

  • Nutrition: including a meal plan and approved foods list
  • How to be intentional and progress. Get to where you want to be, and BE who you want to be
  • Handling stress
  • Learn how to sleep better
  • Dealing with toxins
  • The best way to exercise
  • Appreciating the way God made you
  • A 3 month membership to Soul Training

In 90 days have a greater intimacy with God, energy to engage with the life you have and create the one you desire.  Grow your joy, clear your mind, and have a stronger body by implementing habits to cultivate wellness through your whole being; (Spirit, body, & soul). 

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