If i buy a kit, do i have to sell oils? NEVER!! I mentioned in the previous post the biz side, only because it is always an option. However, if you just wanna grab a kit & only get goodies every once & a while – that is 100% normal!

Is the premium start kit the only option? Again, no! I shared about this kit specially because it’s how i got started & the most popular kit. However, there are many other kit options – if you want to know more about that, shoot me a message & i’d love to chat those over with you!

Is there a fee i pay to keep my membership? You guessed it, NOPE! Young Living is similar to Costco in that you have a membership to purchase products at a discounted rate, but they differ drastically in that – the only cost you pay for your year long membership – is the price of the kit you purchase!

After a year do I have to purchase another kit? You don’t have to! In order to keep your membership active, you only have to place an order of any size at least ONCE a year!

Since i went through this class am i going to be pressured to purchase a kit? ABSOLUTELY NEVER!! My heart for this class was to share the things that helped me get started & what i’ve learned thus far & make it fun for some who may want to start their wellness journey with oils.

I love that you are here & will not come pounding on your door constantly if you don’t buy anything, that ain’t me <3

If you have any questions PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out – i’m an open book.