How To Use Soul Training

Soul Training is a way that you can conveniently deepen your understanding of the Word & your relationship with Christ.  All so that you can walk daily in the victory you've been given!


This is the suggested way to use Soul Training.

Please modify to fit your personality & lifestyle so it is most effective for YOU!



Vocabulary to know:


    • Strength Training **  Weekly Theme Verse, a printout is provided for each one.


    • Stretches ** Journaling prompts to converse with God, you can find these in the workbook or in the materials section of each week


    • Warm Up ** Teaching about the context  of our theme verse


    • Core Conditioning ** Teaching on how to strengthen our core values with the theme verse


    • Fat Burn ** Lesson on identifying and casting down lies that come against the Truth in our theme verse



Weekly Schedule


    • Sunday* Print out Strength Training Verse of the week and read the chapter that the verse comes from.


    • Monday * View the Warm Up Video


    • Tuesday * Do the Stretches that corrolate with the Warm Up


    • Wednesday * View the Core Conditioning Video


    • Thursday * Do the Stretches that corrilate with the Core Conditioning


    • Friday * View the Fat Burn Video


    • Saturday * Apply yourself to the Stretches that corrilate with the Fat Burn