How To Use Soul Training

How To Use Soul Training

Soul Training is a way that you can conveniently deepen your understanding of the word & your relationship with Christ.  All so that you can walk daily in the victory you've been given!


Vocabulary to know:

  • Strength Training **  Weekly Theme Verse, a printout is provided for each one.
  • Stretches ** Journaling prompts to converse with God, you can find these in the workbook or in the materials section of each week
  • Warm Up ** Teaching about the context  of our theme verse
  • Core Conditioning ** Teaching on how to strengthen our core values with the theme verse
  • Fat Burn ** Lesson on identifying and casting down lies that come against the Truth in our theme verse

Weekly Schedule

  • Sunday* Print out Strength Training Verse of the week and read the chapter that the verse comes from.
  • Monday * View the Warm Up Video
  • Tuesday * Do the Stretches that corrolate with the Warm Up
  • Wednesday * View the Core Conditioning Video
  • Thursday * Do the Stretches that corrilate with the Core Conditioning
  • Friday * View the Fat Burn Video
  • Saturday * Apply yourself to the Stretches that corrilate with the Fat Burn