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Crown & Sword will equip you to embrace the royal title you are given when you step into relationship with God, and also to obediently live a powerful, efficient, and effective life. This curriculum is a training tool to help you actually do the work, reaching the full potential of who God created you to be.

 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” -2 Timothy 1:7

Crown & Sword walks through a journey of applying 2 Timothy 1:7 in four parts:

  1. Renounce fear
  2. Claim and maintain the Spirit of power over your own life
  3. Embrace the royal title given to you in love
  4. Engage in the seasons of life with the spirit of discipline

If you are woman in a relationship with our Mighty God, you have been given a CROWN and a royal title, and you have been commissioned to use the SWORD of truth to fight the good fight. You are a Royal Warrior!

Let’s do this!

Equip your church community!

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“I found that the Crown & Sword has the voice of authenticity about it. Writing from her own experience, Christine Jaynes has presented this study in a way that will help many young women understand and step boldly into their future as new creations in Christ. Speaking to the challenges of modern womanhood with a refreshing new voice, Mrs. Jaynes’ insights offers much to consider on the feminine journey of life. As a father of daughters and as a counselor, I highly recommend this new author to a new generation of women.”
~ Dr Geoff Gorsuch, The Navigators (Pastor, Missionary, & Author)

“Christine delivers a power-packed punch of truth in this book. Women everywhere will be challenged to stand, serve, sacrifice, and submit to a great & loving Father-King. Truly a wonderful resource!”
~ Kevin Fitzgerald (Lead Pastor, Missionary & Author)

"Because I am a real advocate of mentoring women, I see this study as a great tool. If one were to answer the questions and openly share them with a mentor, positive change could happen. Christine is a committed learner of the Word. ”
~Sherri Holdridge (Pastor’s wife, mentor & writer)

In Crown & Sword, Christine Jaynes has formed a study that is both timely and timeless, with the ability to impact and nudge the heart of the reader towards God's heart and vision for them. The combination of her unique voice and perspective, her vulnerability in sharing her own experience and insights, and the scriptural foundation that is clear at every corner, help to guide the reader towards the empowerment that comes with realizing the true identity that God has placed inside us.  Not one of fear, but one of power, love, and a sound mind.
-Marty Wheeler (worship and youth pastor, Lakeside church, WA)

“Crown & Sword is very uplifting and encouraging to women of all ages.  As women commit themselves to this study, they will be excited to find that their journey with the Lord has grown deeper and fuller.  It will put them on an exciting spiritual discovery of how very special the Lord sees them and how he desires to use them in extraordinary ways.”
~LaVon Fromm (Women’s Ministry Director & Pastor’s wife)

“Younger women will benefit from Crown & Sword and older women will find themselves opened up to new possibilities as they look back on their years of experience combining what they’ve learned with a new zeal to live it and pass it on.  Doing the workbook assignments won’t be easy but it will be profitable for spiritual maturity and fruitfulness.  Many blessings to those who decide to go through this training.”
~Bill Holdridge (Pastor, Poimen Ministries)

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  1. I love your message and your calling to disciple women! It’s very much like my own so it’s nice to meet a sister in the Lord.

    May the Lord bless you as you take His Word!

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