Crown & Sword Training* 2020


The Reviews:

The author gives you a starting point, reinforces that thought with scripture, then asks you questions that pierce through any hardened shell you may have created around yourself to really get your heart to hear the truth being presented. You then have some personal time to respond through journaling. This allows you to see on paper how your heart is responding to what your head has learned. It’s great when you can fully see what God is trying to teach you!
I really enjoyed this study and feel like I learned a lot about myself. I definitely feel more like a warrior, ready to take on what ever may come my way!

-Tristin A.

Christine is a very motivational, scripturally sound, real Mom, real life teacher. She doesn’t gloss over what needs to be said to benefit our spiritual growth. I grew so much as I applied myself daily to the digging deeper sections and so did all the ladies in my group! Through this study I found such peace and joy in loving my enemy - truly!! I discovered how God uniquely made me and how I can be used for His glory, but first - how to just BE. Be His. Be moldable clay. There is so much in this curriculum I can’t begin to sum it up here, so just get it and start your journey to gird up and be a Royal Warrior for Christ and in Christ!

-Terri K.

This study is a gem. This writer has clearly put in the time and sweat it takes to create a project like this. It has potential to change the course of your very life and your relationships, as well as experience a more vibrant spirituality. One that is rooted in the truth that "God is who He says He is, you are who He says you are, and He will do what He says He will do." So what does He say? This study takes you straight to the root, Gods written word. It takes time and effort but that's the point. I find this study to be classic and timeless for all ages. For any woman who feels out of control, these tools will ground you.

-Julie G

I had known of my position in Christ but never really grasped the reality of what that meant until I walked through this study. Claiming my title as a royal warrior and living out that truth daily has forever changed my life, my relationships and the way I connect with God. This study is well written, thought provoking and one in which every woman should walk through.

-Toni M

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This training is free! BUT you will need to have the Crown & Sword Book.

Below are some fun options I put together to resource you.


Get a signed copy of the Crown & Sword curriculum with a digital download of the accompanying workbook!

*Workbook is not required for this training*  Order the book alone under the resource tab for $20.00

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The Crown & Sword Workbook is a great tool to have while working through the curriculum.  It provides all the Scripture needed for each Digging Deeper "assignment" and space to respond to each journal prompt!

Book & WkBook bundle

Get a signed copy of Crown & Sword along with the spiral bound workbook!

The workbook has all the Scripture you need throughout the training PLUS room to write a response to all the journal prompts.