About Train In Truth


It can be such a challenge to apply what the Word of God says to our messy lives, right?! But it doesn't have to be. TRUTH: You can live each moment in the grace and authority God has given you!

Here's the thing: you either sweat in training or bleed in battle. Putting some sweat into training in the Truth will help to avoid all that unnecessary bleeding because the battles of life are inevitable.

+ Work the right muscles in your mind & emotions

+ to make the decisions

+ that create the reality you want to live, filled with Truth!

Hey there! I'm Christine. Founder of Train In Truth

After struggling for a number of years in my body, and a heck of a lot of trial & error- I found the shifts that moved my whole being from exhausted, fatigued, anxious & depressed to a state of focused, fulfilled & fun energy...

I come alongside women in their faith & health journey to encourage and equip! This is about using simple practical ways to step into the unique identity we have as Christ Followers... and discovering just how the victorious life can be experienced in the physical body!

Christine has been adventuring with Jesus since about 1994, ministering since 2000, "wife-ing" since 2006, moming since 2007, and being an author since 2017.

"The four boys we had within 5 years are now old enough to pour their own cereal, so most of my sanity has returned. You'll likely find me carrying a mug of coffee, even if it's decaf (don't judge!). Also, thyroid disease has NOT got the best of me." 😉