Intentional Living

Intentional Living!

Are you letting life happen- or are you purposeful in your days? Living with intention is the way to get from where we are to where we want to be!

I’ve taken some of my favorite thoughts about setting goals and paired them with Scripture- because, it was all in Scripture first, and we want to line up everything we do with the Truth! I’ve put together a lesson with 5 elements to work through as you set intent for the year ahead- or really anytime you want to start setting goals and accomplishing something.

These Five R’s will help structure time as you set out to live intentionally.

Reflect, Realize, Respond, Responsibility and Rejoice!

The video lesson is about 15 minutes long and I encourage you to pause it and work through each step on some notepaper, or the linked worksheet as we go along. You can also, of course, listen now and do the worksheet whenever you can get a moment of quite! This exercise will prove most fruitful if you are able to open up the Bible and spend a few moments in the Scriptures we go over.

So now grab a pen, hit play and let’s get to it!

God Bless & God Speed! If God is with you, you cannot fail!

Apply Scriptures Daily!

Is one of your intentions this year to be in the Scriptures more? Learning about God and actually LIVING out what you’re learning?! I’ve got you! I’d love to come along side you and help you on your journey. I can train you in the Truth! Get training a few different ways (Soul Training online discipleship, or the Crown & Sword e*course) by becoming a Train in Truth member!

Want some supplies?

In case you’d like to get some supplies, here are some of the tools I like! :

Year/monthly calendar- Gives a visual to be able to picture the whole year! :

My absolute favorite pens! (They write so smooth!) :

Daily Planner:

Weekly/ monthly:

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