Overcoming the BLAH’s

Facebook LIVE: Overcoming the BLAH’s

I woke up with a case of the BLAH’s yesterday. You know what those are like, right? It’s that desire to sink down in whatever chair or bed may be nearby. It’s when the energy to even think clearly is just to much of a requirement. Ya, I had a bad case of that.

In the past I would either completely submit to the Blahs in defeat- my day doomed, OR, I would ignore it and push through, refusing to give in to whatever feeling or thoughts to just get ‘er done!

But yesterday I chose to do neither of those, but to do a “system check.” With a simple “system check” the Blah’s stood no chance!

Here are some things to ask yourself for a “system check” when the case of the Blah’s hit:

-What has my emotional and mental energy been focused on lately?

-What are my hormones doing at this particular point in the month?

-Is there something I ate yesterday that may be affecting my functionality?

-How has my sleep been?

Give yourself some grace and make some choices that will refresh your mind and body.

Here are some practical things that you can do to equip yourself for the day ahead:

-Give yourself some extra time to move a little slower

-Go outside for 10 minutes. Sit in some fresh air with a cup of coffee or tea, take a stroll, or just take some deep breaths gazing at the beautiful creation around.

-Make yourself something wonderful for breakfast, or lunch, snack or dinner…

-Call a friend to laugh with

-Put on a great song and dance

Doing an internal “System Check” and then actually following through to DO some things to handle yourself with grace is simple way to remain powerful and victorious in your day!

So put these things in your pocket for the next time you encounter the “Blahs”! Put your mind and your body in a place to live in and out the victory that God has for you in each moment! Grace and strength abound!

God Bless and God Speed!

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