Transition is Hard

I sit in an empty home now as I type.  Well, not empty, but near empty. Thankfully there is a couch for me to sit on- but just about everything else is in boxes stacked high in the other room.  

This is my last full day living in this place.  This home, this city, this state…

As we transition there’s so much to observe in myself and my family.  It sure is amazing to see how the Lord created our emotions. How it’s possible for one human to have thousands of conflicting emotions all at once. 

I’ve been waiting for this move for over a year.  I felt the tug of God in this direction and was ready to just jump- but when you’re attached to 5 or 6 other people, and have all kinds of responsibilities, that’s just not possible.  

And so the waiting ensued as I watched the Lord take the vision and carefully craft and mold all the fine details of the transition.  

I said waited, but I did not say patiently.  Most days I did great sitting back and watching Him, but not every day.  Some days I got anxious, despite His command to lean into His peace. 

But here we are.  Full on IN the transition.  It’s all unfolding now before me.  AND every detail has been tended to.  Carefully placed. Smooth as can be.  

I’ve been waiting for this very thing.  I’ve been dreaming and anticipating and excited- but guess what?  It’s still hard.

Even when God handles it all.  Even when you are smack dab in the center of God’s will for you and the circumstances are FOR you- it’s not easy.  

There is still work involved on our part.  

Honestly, I’m astounded at how gracious and abundant His gifts have been to equip me in this season.  And still. It’s hard.

The packing.  (Ugggggg the packing!).  Saying goodbye. Watching the children say goodbye, mourning leaving the only life they’ve known.  

Tending to the thousands of details…. Heading into the unknown…

None of that is easy.  

But what would easy do for us?

If it was easy… If the Lord’s goodness towards us made everything easy- what kind of people would we be?  Probably spoiled brats.  

If we didn’t know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was only His strength and power and grace giving us the ability to move forward- then there would be no need, no desire to look to Him.  And there would be no desire to actually tap into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit that He makes available to us.

Listen, fellow Christian, we don’t want “easy.”  We want character, wisdom, and maturity. And it’s actually going through, and doing the hard things that gets us there.

It’s God’s goodness that doesn’t do all the work for us.  Because when we desire to be all that He has called us to be- it takes work.  When we want to be like Jesus… it’s not easy. When I read about Jesus’ life here on earth… I don’t interpret any of it as easy.  

He definitely had enjoyable things in his life,  don’t get me wrong! We are called to enjoy the life we’ve been given and the abundance He graces us with!…but out of all the words we could choose to describe Jesus’ life on earth- “easy” wouldn’t make the list.

So whether the transitions that come in our life are good or… seemingly awful… If we can lean into Him and take Him at his word, then we know that His intentions for us are always good. And we are able to become more like Him through the process.

And so we press on.  As ambassadors in a foreign land.  As Spiritual Royalty living in a Fleshly, Physical Realm we advance forward.  We march on, with a dance in our step. With a smile tickling our lips and determination in our eyes.  With hope in our tears and grace in our sweat. Because we have full confidence in our leader and the victory He’s already given us.

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