15. Be Still… Or Move On…?

Season 1; Episode 15

Exodus 14:14 states “The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.” Yet, we often hear this verse from Exodus 14:14 out of context… Let’s explore this verse a little bit further in it’s entirety!

2 thoughts on “15. Be Still… Or Move On…?”

  1. Angelina Copenhaver

    Great reminders Christine! This was really good, I’m going to be chewing on this. I think I need to listen again with a pen and paper! I sure do miss you and am sad I took time for granted while you were here to get together more. I take comfort knowing that we are sisters and we will be with the Father forever, and… I get to hear your sweet voice in your podcasts. l love you sister your such a blessing! Give hugs to the Fam from me!

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