Power Walking

This episode I talk about some key components in how to walk with God in the daily!  The truth is, we have power in each step we take when we abide with our God!

**** In this episode I quote an excerpt entitled “Four Things you need to Walk with God Daily”
from “MORE” by Tammie Head******

Unpacked: Season 1 Episode 6

2 thoughts on “Power Walking”

  1. Yahaira Seawright

    Hi Christine! I really found Power walking inspirational to listen to! I love the way you speak as if you are sitting across from me, cup of coffee in hand and just simply talking! One thing I that hit me was when you stated, “His ways are not our way.” Sometimes we are just so set in what we want and when we want it that we forget that maybe what we want isn’t what He wants. Thank you so much! Powerful!

    1. Hi Yahaira!!!
      I’m so so glad you were encouraged by Power Walking!!! And I appreciate you taking the time to let me know. It means a lot. Praying that you are well and that your walk with HIM is so fruitful and good. : )

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