Why you need Morning & Night Rituals

Hey!  Have you ever defined what success looks like to you?
Success totally looks different on every person. But I guarantee you, that every successful person was intentional about being so. It didn’t just happen. And being successful is a verb, right? It’s not like all of a sudden you reach a level of success and then you just stay there… We always need to be active in our seasons to have successful days. Every successful life breaks down into successful days.

So- how do we set ourselves up in a way to be successful throughout our days? Well, healthy rituals are one ways we can set ourselves up to succeed.

A ritual is a pattern of habits that have graduated from routine because there is a moral reason behind doing them.

Morning rituals can help us lean into the faithfulness of the Lord, His great love and all that He has equipped us with–before we even get going on the daily requirements/expectations!

Here are 3 ways we can benefit from having morning ritual:

  1. It sets the day up for success (We start the day pointed, aimed at the direction we want to go)
  2. It helps mental fatigue (Because it’s a habit we don’t have to spend the mental energy doing these important things; this creates sustainable success)
  3. It helps us to feel in control (Sets us up to be non-reactive, reducing anxiety and ensures productivity)

Lamentations 3:22-24: “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness…”

An evening ritual is just as beneficial:

Ephesians 4:26 states “Do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.”  The Greek word for anger there means, indignation, wrath, exasperation.  

Holding onto the stress of the day affects how we reason, how we feel and act the next.  Having rituals that help your body wind down and let go of the stresses of the day, play a large part of how we succeed the next.

One of the most beneficial DAILY rituals we can have is a time of reflecting on the Word of God.  This is something the Lord would have every believer do in order to know Him well.  This leads to creating an intimate relationship where conversation can flow freely.  In this kind of ritual we are able to renew our minds and know what His will is for us at any given time.  The Lord would not have us turn this into something that we HAVE to do, but something we would anticipate and enjoy, so choosing the time of day and the activities surrounding it are important.

Choose a time of day that is practical according to your personality (morning or night person) and according to Life’s demands.  (Hello motherhood…)  And remember that whatever you want to call this, be it a quiet time, a study time, or Jesus time… doesn’t even matter, that this is just a more in depth conversation about what you’ve been already talking to Him about.  Throughout our days we should be communing with the Lord.  Thinking about His Word…  Let’s not just talk to Him this one time a day, when we sit down and open up our Bibles….

That being said I want to just share a few tips I read about having a good Quiet time from the amazing Martin Luther.

  • He suggests taking a sentence (for instance, “Do not steal”)  in Scripture and thinking about it four ways.
  1.  As a teaching. What does this mean for my life? What are different ways I steal?
  2. As a reason for thanksgiving. For instance, how is this commandment not to steal God’s way of protecting me?
  3.  As a confession. How have I stolen from someone?
  4.  As a prayer petition. I can pray that injustice like stealing will end with Christ’s return.

“A good prayer need not be long or drawn out, but rather it should be frequent and [passionate].” – Martin Luther


I pray this was helpful!  And I’d love to hear what kind of rituals you have throughout your day that help make them successful!

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