The Secret Of Discipline

I was asked recently “What is the secret to tapping into the Spirit of discipline that God offers us?”
I want to take a moment today to unpack some of this idea.

Yes, it has to do with creating good habits.
It is important to have a routine, or ritual, that you do daily to set yourself up for success.

Ultimately though, it has to do with your motivation.

I love the what Lisa Bevere says in “Girls with Sword” about Warriors. She states that “Warriors are driven by an internal eternal mandate. Their response is ordered from within. This means that they will give all that is in their power to give. There is an overflow in their response.”

A warrior isn’t just a soldier doing what they are told to do- they have an internal mandate that motivates them, it propels them forward no matter what is going on around them.

And this internal mandate isn’t just for a great ideal- but for the good of all eternity.

Let me explain.
If I know that me making this peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a happy heart will contribute to victory over evil in the Spiritual Battle happening all around; I’m damn well smiling and maybe even singing as I slap that sandwich together!

If I’m aware that there are spiritual forces watching as I do my day to day, and they are wondering if I’m going to react or respond in any given moment- you better believe I’m going to do all I can to keep this mess together.

When I lose my keys in downtown Sacramento in the crazy August heat with 4 complaining and uncomfortable boys- I have a choice and my choice impacts not just that moment, but how the whole rest of the day plays out, how my kids respond to circumstances tomorrow, and when crap hits the fan in their 20’s and how they raise their children, and ultimately what my legacy is for eternity…

I’m absolutely gonna tap into the Holy Spirit to provide the discipline I need to remain in His peace. To look at at this moment as an opportunity for adventure and testimony instead off panic and anxiety.

Not that I have this perfected in any way shape or form, but I absolutely have this “internal eternal mandate”– that I’m going wholeheartedly apply myself too.

One more thing:

As we think about the weight of each of our moments, lets never forget the great grace that is offered to us a believers.  That there is NO condemnation for those of us who are in Christ.  SO those times that discipline escapes us, when we don’t tap into that spirit of discipline, there is no condemnation for that.   Those moments are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and we are equipped to move forward in grace and empowered for the next opportunity to exercise discipline.

I hope that helps you a as you think about instilling discipline into your every day.

God Bless and Godspeed!

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