How “Me Time” gives God glory!

I’m so eager to dig into this topic of self care.   It is incredibly important and God has actually called us to do it!

There was this one day that I was pregnant and cleaning the floor of my master bath.  I had four boys in 5 years, so I don’t know who I was pregnant with at this point (a lot of those years just blur together) and I was tired.  I was tired a lot.  Someone had told me earlier that day that I needed to have some “Me Time.”

I remember having this full on dialogue with God about this as I scrubbed the floor.

See, I didn’t believe in “Me Time,”  I thought it was selfish.  I remember asking God, “Tell me Lord, where in the Bible does it say anything about “Me Time?!”

He answered me right away.  A powerful voice in my head said “Honor the Sabbath.”  I had to stop scrubbing and sit back to take it in.  It was a process for me to figure out what the correlation between the Sabbath and “Me Time” was.

The Sabbath is a day where you don’t work and you take time to honor God.

Bare with me know as I tie these two concepts together.

God made you the way he did on purpose. He liked certain things that He wanted to put in you.  He gave you likes, and dislikes and your distinct personality for a reason.  When we actually function in the way God designed us too we glorify him.  So us enjoying ourselves makes God happy!  And we even honor God in our enjoyment.

I don’t mean when we are enjoying ourselves by feeding our fleshly and sinful nature- BUT if you like taking hikes, or piecing together an outfit, or decorating your home, or crafting, or reading a book at a coffee shop- these things make God happy!  We glorify God by just being who he created us to be!

I think  we as women tend to think we can glorify God so much more when we take care of others before ourselves.

But God has given us something that we need to steward when He gave us life.  We each have a body, soul and hopefully the Holy Spirit.  Each of these things are intimately connected to one another.

Our soul is our mind, will and emotions. All of our thoughts, feelings and choices are embodied in our soul.

And it’s widely recognized that our soul and our body are completely connected.  If our body is hungry or tired, then it’s going to affect our thoughts, feelings and choices.

If we get dressed up, put on some lipstick or get a haircut, this impacts the way we feel.  If we have emotional or mental stress our body suffers from it.

The Spirit is the third aspect of us.  If we’ve received Christ as our Savior then the Holy Spirit has come into us and has become a part of us! We now have full access to God.  The Spirit comforts us, directs us, encourages and empowers us.  When we cultivate that relationship with the Holy Spirit then it can influence our soul (feelings, thoughts and choices) and in turn, our bodies.

In order to live healthy and full lives we need to be stewarding these three aspects of ourselves really well!  There is absolutely no shame in practicing “Me Time” in order to have a healthy life.  This is important so that you can tend to all the good works that God has for you to do really well!

During some dark seasons of my life there were practical things that I did to help me endure through fatigue, anxiety and depression.  In my next post I’ll share some of the self care things I practiced and tools I used!

God Bless and God Speed,

Christine J

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