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Folks!  We are days away from the Crown & Sword E*Course going LIVE!

I’m so excited about all the Truth unpacked in this Course.

It has ALL the content of the book in video form, the “Digging Deeper” work all in a format that is easy to fill out- either on your device, or printed out as worksheets, PLUS 4 teaching videos!

To help get the word out we are doing giveaways on both Facebook and Instagram.

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On my page you’ll find the post that you can enter to win a free Crown & Sword Book, Book bag, and e*Course today(December 28)!  Tomorrow (December 29th) the giveaway is 4 books and 4 mugs!


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On this page I’m giving away the wall art that was displayed behind me in the chapter introductions during each part of the Course!  They are pretty and classy!  Sure to make any space better!

PART 1; The Spirit of Fear.

This spirit of fear will do whatever it can to make you believe you are not enough.  Not smart enough, young enough, old enough, sexy enough, talented enough, not strong enough, not good enough… not enough.

YET the truth is- God Almighty believes you are enough to die for.  With all your imperfections and quirks, all your strengths and weaknesses are exactly what he wants to be in relationship with.  He left His throne and lived a meager and lowly, venerable human life, and then suffered a horrible death, in order to rise from the dead and offer you an eternal life with Him.

We dig into what it looks like to celebrate all the ways God made us to be- embracing His grace and at the same time strive to be the best us we can be- living in His righteous holiness.

PART 2; The Spirit of Power

The gift of power that God gave us is truly breathtaking.

The power of free will.  We have power to choose how we will respond in any given situation.  God has given us the power to choose our response to our past, to Satan, to our emotions, to our circumstances… He has given us the same power that He used when Christ rose from the grave.

Let’s choose to claim that spirit of power, maintain it well, and live it out in our daily ins and outs!

PART 3; The Spirit of Love

The beautiful Spirit of God’s love extends to us grace and an identity that is filled with… royalty.  As we enter into relationship with our God He offers us an intimate relationship filled with the PERFECT love of a Husband & Lover, a best friend & brother, and a Father. (Mother too-perfect parental Love!)

Exploring those relationships that we have with a Holy and Mighty King brings about an incomparable humility and gratitude… enabling us to build a deep intimacy with our Royal family- both in heaven and on earth.

PART 4; The Spirit of Discipline

It’s ok if you don’t have a personality that is real driven or given to discipline, because our personality is part of our soul (which contains our mind, emotions, and will).  God has given us a spirit of Discipline, or a sound mind, that will lead us in moderation and will drive us to accomplish His will- IF we choose to grow His Spirit within us!

In part 4 of Crown & Sword we discuss the importance of being obedient and submissive, as well as being bold and blazing trails in faith.  We discuss what it looks like to be a good warrior, making plans for the battles we encounter and making sure we are suited up and prepared to meet our days with grace and determination.


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a Spirit of Power, a Spirit of Love, and a Spirit of Discipline.”

~2 Timothy 1:7







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