Be or Do?

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There is this conversation that God has had with me for a few years now about how the priority needs to be “Being” His- before “Doing” what He’s called me to do.  It’s crucial that we know who (& whos)  we are before we apply ourselves to doing the work He’s called us to do.

But turning this into something that’s practical that we can actually practice can be a challenge.

Sometimes having a “quiet time” is a good way to practice “Being.”  As we set aside time for just us and Him.  Time to talk, through Bible study, journaling and prayer.  BUT… it doesn’t always look like that.

I LOVE my quiet time in the morning, before life really gets going and my day plays out… It’s a routine I’ve had, a habit that I’ve practice since Jr. high.  And I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

BUT, sometimes, there are seasons when doing a quite time just isn’t practical.  And just because I don’t have a quiet time on any particular day doesn’t mean I can’t still “Be” His.  I don’t have to have a “quiet time” in order to be still, to hear His voice, or get into Scripture.  His peace is there and I can still hear Him, even if I don’t have that quiet time.

Let’s make sure we’re not “DOING” quiet time in order to “BE” His.

The Message paraphrases Romans 3:27b-28 this way:

” God does not respond to what we do; we respond to what God does.  We’ve finally figured it out.  Our lives get in step with God and all others by letting him set the pace, not by proudly or anxiously trying to run the parade.”

I really believe that what we do in response to Him doesn’t need to be something specific.  But if we can pray first thing in the morning “Lord, I want to let you set the pace today, I want to follow you.  Your agenda is more important than my agenda, so I’m gonna check in with you throughout the day, I’m going to listen for your voice.  I’m not going to run around just doing a bunch of things.  I’m going to Be yours first and foremost- then I will do what you’ve called me to do each moment.  I don’t want to run this parade Lord!  It’s all yours Lord!”

The day and age that we live in-our lives sure look like parades!  Let’s make sure we’re putting God first daily- even if we don’t sit down for a quiet time.  We have access to so much!  We can listen to Scripture while doing laundry or dishes.  When we drive and get ready in the morning.  Or podcasts that point us to God’s Word.   It is all so available to us today- let’s take advantage of that!

Friend, may God set the pace of your parade today!

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