Feelings & Choices

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I’m wanting to share a few thoughts about feelings.  About acknowledging our feelings and deciphering them with a sound mind.

I’ve had some feelings lately that I’ve dealt with in a couple different ways…

Recently I wrestled out some things regarding a time commitment that I just didn’t have peace on.  I had really been seeking God for direction around it and have had a lot of emotions surrounding the whole thing.  But before I made any decisions regarding it, I needed to really evaluate why I felt this way, why I was so sensitive about it, and what all the unrest was about.
Also… it was necessary to take into account, ahem, what part of my cycle I was in… there were a few days that I knew addressing the issue would not have been wise.
But actually this process took me a few weeks.  I was really quite ready to dismiss my feelings and just push on.  But it was such a relief when I was able to address my issues, that my feelings clearly revealed, and move on in confidence.

Another scenario was yesterday.  I reformatted a chapter of Crown & Sword, the Bible study curriculum I wrote, to submit to a magazine in order to be considered for an article.  When I was finished I was ready to close it up move to the next thing on my to-do list.

But something stopped me- and I realized that this wasn’t something to come back too- it’s something I could cross of my list now, IF I actually sent it.  And there was this hesitancy that gripped my gut, and I realized I was really intimidated.

Taking a minute to acknowledge my feelings, I realized this truth: the worst that could happen is that they say “no”.  And that’s not all that bad.  I can handle a no.

But they might actually say “yes”!  They might say, “oh yes, Christine! We would really love to print this in our magazine! Actually, do you have any more material we could use? We want more!”

And so within minutes I was able to pinpoint the root of my feelings and make a decision after acknowledging them and then move forward.

I have to say it was quite exhilarating to push past my fear and hit that send button!

So, I just want to encourage you to not let your feelings control your choices.  We mustn’t ignore our feelings because they are indicators of how our thoughts, our bodies, and our spirits are doing.  Today,  notice how you are feeling at any given moment and dig into the why.

Are you believing a lie that needs to be renounced and replaced with the truth?
Do you need to make a different choice in how you are treating your body?
Do you need to extend some grace to yourself or another?
Do you need to cast down a fear that’s keeping you stagnant and be brave and disciplined to take the next step towards something?

Be encouraged! And may God bless you on your journey of growth!


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