A new year

The new year is here
So here we go 

Having no doubt and feeling no fear

I am a warrior, suited just so;
The belt of truth, I won’t be deceived 

A breastplate of righteousness I have received

Shoes of peace, cause I’m hemmed in

With a shield of protection that nothing can bend

A helmet of salvation for a mind renewed 

A sword with such power it takes out anything that’s lewd
Last year is defeated, that victory won

Those demons cast down- those battles are done.

A fresh year before me, new blessings to be.

New ground to cover 

and truths to discover

Goodness to walk in with powerful conviction

Having royal blood, mighty strength,

Total freedom without restriction
Walking into a new time, a new place 

Equipped with holiness, and beautiful grace
And everything is awesome, ‘cause I’m part of a team

Brothers and sisters fighting beside me

all of us against the great scheme
A new land to conquer, A joyous dance through the days

Balancing order and freedom in exercising His ways
So cheers to the yesterdays and lessons I learned

And here’s to the freshness of this new year to be sojourned!

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