This word seemed to scream at me as I drove by a big sign declaring the word. 
I don’t care for the word at all, to be honest with you.  It provokes feelings of stress and quite possibly some anxiety and frustration. 
I automatically think of being in a rush to get out the door with my four boys… It seems they are always more intrigued in the piece of lint on the floor than following directives to get on shoes…

So that morning, as I drove away from that sign declaring RUSH in great big capitol letters, I thought it perhaps was just asking to become an acronym. 
Next time when feeling in a rush I promised myself to follow these steps:

R:    Rest in Him.
No matter how many things are  happening in this moment the Word says I can lean on my Lord to make things happen.  He goes before me.  As I take one step in obedience to… get my children to school, make a meal, get that bill paid, stock the fridge, lend a listening ear, ect…. He gives the power to accomplish such things.  Trying to force and make it all happen by my own strength makes me weary and unfruitful.  So really what I mean by “Rest in Him” is; take a breath.  Remember I am not in control- He is.

U:   Utter truth.
  “I will not be a failure if I don’t get this done.” “The world will not end if I’m late.”  “If I can’t do this my relationship with this person is not going to end.”

S: Shut off Distractions. 
The noise of that music or TV adds to the commotion and creates anxiety.  Trying to return that text or send that message or check my phone, in any capacity, when needing to accomplish something specific- just doesn’t need to happen.  Multi-tasking is not always necessary. 

H: Have a happy heart.
“Rejoice in the Lord always!  I will say it again rejoice!  Let your gentleness be evident to all.  The Lord is near.”  That’s from Philippians 4.  Anytime rushing is involved… rejoicing usually is not in my atmosphere.  Anywhere.  The goal would be to Move with purpose, with a song in my heart and a smile on my face.  When in a rush… my gentleness is, ahem, not usually evident.  I may raise my voice a few notches, and fierceness, not gentleness, would be the adjective one might use to describe what they see…

Now I smile a little when I see that sign screaming that word all about town.  It’s been disarmed.  And I’ve been empowered.

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