I am Mom


Hello, I am Christine I am mom mostly. “Mom.” “Mom!””Mooom.”

It’s what I’m constantly called. I am “Mom!” when a mouth is thirsty or hungry, when an argument needs to be settled, or a desire needs to be met.

I am hostess, short order cook, waitress, buser & dishwasher

I am laundry sorter, washer, dryer, folder & distributor

I am the maid that picks up, vacuums, dusts, mops & scrubs

I am teacher, teachers aid, & yard duty

I am accountant, budgeter, the mapper of meals & schedules

I am chauffeur

I am referee

I am crap cleaner, poop wiper, nose wiper, puke picker upper

I am… exhausted I am undermined, underpaid, undervalued.

I am… I am chosen

I am head coach

I am head master & master chef

I am wardrobe executive

I am executor of events & priorities

I am financial adviser & planner

I am CEO of a great institution

I am the mouth that ministers & voice that inspires

I am arms that protect & embrace

I am hands that give both grace & justice

I am feet that lead

I am Eve; “Giver of life”

I am instrument in a great plan!

I am ambassador of Christ

I am daughter of an Almighty King

I am princess

I am co-heir with Christ

I am not condemned I am justified! I am more than a conqueror!

I am home maker, minister, daughter, friend, sister,wife.

I am mom

But what is much more- I am subject of the Great “I AM”

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