I know I’m pregnant when…

  • When I’m happy to sit down and watch an episode (or two) of Dora…
  • When I find myself dozing on the couch with loud boys playing on the ground in front of me
  • When I’ll eat anything for dinner…as long as I don’t have to cook it
  • When I get excited to see “stool softener included” on the label of my vitamin
  • When nothing sounds good to eat, but I’m gonna wanna start crying if I don’t get something in my tummy asap
  • When I tear up during a commercial
  • When I could live on Kentucky Fried Chicken (with those delicious instant mashed potatoes) and Mac N Cheese
  • When I don’t want coffee (WIERD)
  • When I don’t care if my house looks like a wreck, and the dishes in my sink start getting crusty (um, ew!)
  • When wearing a dress is much more comfortable than a pair of  jeans
  • When I don’t mind if my day was completely unproductive
  • When I am totally ok with spending money on fast food

Sooo, hopefully there are some of you out there who can relate or know a pregnant woman who might have the same issues.  If  there are other symptoms you’ve experienced or witnessed and would like to add,  please do in the comment section!  It’s always good to know that I’m not alone in my weaknesses!

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  1. Well, I can’t relate, but I love this post! So funny Christine! I hope you are feeling better soon! It’ll be all worth it in the end….

      1. I totally forgot to mention I literally LIVED on KFC mashers when I was preggo with Carter! Weird right! And I mean literally! lol Now KFC grosses me out..well the chicken anyway. Love the taters still! And bonus that the one here has A&W rootbeer floats!!! YUMMO!

  2. I always have these problems! Does that just mean that my hormones are always out of wack? Does that mean when I finally am pregnant that I might be normal?? Hmmm, we shall wait on the Lord and not lose heart and wait on the Lord (a little more). I love you!

  3. These are an everyday occurrence and i’m NOT pregnant!! 😉 hahaha Kidding! Your body slows you down on purpose. =) I say take full advantage!!

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