I have a love/hate relationship with my early morning wake up…

Somewhat recently we changed my 16 month olds crib into a toddler bed.  I realize this is early for most one-year olds, but my little bugger is very capable of climbing in and out of his own bed, and having the discipline of staying in when sleep time comes.  We also have a two-year old who was making it a habit to climb into his little brothers crib to harass him at nap time.  The idea of my little one not having any way to escape his brothers abuse – or rough play-made me cringe a bit. 

So now, somewhere between 5:45 and 6:15 I usually find a bright-eyed, binky sucking, blanket dragging little boy at my bedside.  So I lug him over to lay between my husband and I.  (I say lug because he really is a brute of a boy! a.k.a. chubbers) 

Now, most 16 month olds are bright-eyed when they wake, they roll around, and talk and sing in their enclosed crib area… so it’s not abnormal for my little one to want to do that… but now he does it in my bed.  Early in the morning. 

So after I bring him into bed with me, I snuggle him under his blanket, and shut my eyes to go back to sleep.  I’ve found if I go back to sleep, it’s more likely he will too…but of course most of the times he doesn’t.  He grabs his feet and rocks back and forth between the hubs and me.  He kicks his feet to experience the bounce of the mattress (or the bounce of dads back, moms belly or hip or leg…sometimes arm or face…), he points out everything in the room that he knows how to say.  “Fan,” “Mommy,” “Daddy,” “phone,” “fan,” “light,” ” nose,” “ear,” “nose,” “fan.”  And every now and then he’ll throw out a serenade or two.  “Appy Birtda tooo ew” (Happy Birthday) or, “Eiego, Eigo, go go!”  (Go! Diego Go!) or “D-dora, hey! hey!” (Dora the Explorer theme song). 

Now I think you may be able to imagine being super sleepy and getting quite annoyed at such shenanigans going on in your bed while you’re trying to get that last bit of shut-eye before your day begins… but really, I can’t help but smile and chuckle at this innocent, joyful, bundle of… complete boy rolling around right next to me! 

Not too much later my two-year old comes running in after waking up and hollering “Mom!” a few times.  Ok, sometimes he doesn’t holler… it depends on what “side” of the bed he wakes up on.  But he always comes over to my side and crawls in with us. That doesn’t last to long… but it’s fun none the less… as long as they aren’t too rough that is!  It’s especially fun for me if they start bugging their dad and trying to wake him up.  ( It really does take a lot to wake that man up!)  But Tyler has taken to giving zerberts (a.k.a. raspberries) and so he’ll do a few on dad’s shoulder and think it’s hilarious!  And then of course Cooper, the older boy, wants to join in, and his laugh is a lot louder.  I crack up when he climbs on top of  his Dad and gets nose to nose with him and says “Dad, wake up!” 

So as much as I hate being woken up, I really do love the way it happens.  I’m treasuring this time in my life.  I am looking forward to the days when Dave and I can sleep in on his days off, and the boys will be able to get breakfast themselves… but for now I’m going to enjoy their little bodies wanting so much to be close to mine!

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