I love my Daily Quiet time.

I’ve made it a daily habit to read my Bible, pray, and contemplate.  During different seasons of my life these moments occurred at different times throughout the day.  There were times I could spend two hours and other times just two minutes… but however long and whenever it occurred, it has always been a valued and precious part of my day. 

These days I’m getting up at 6 (ok- I’m TRYING to get up at 6) to spend 30-50 minutes alone in the Word before my kiddos decide to make an appearance and I have to start working on the daily grind. 

Today was a 6:30 day since my oldest slept between my husband and I last night.  Well, I say “slept” but he actually didn’t do a whole lot of that.  Seems like he’s got an ear infection so he was in pain and uncomfortable which of course affected us in a big way…sooo I snoozed my alarm a little this morn.  No matter, I still got a bit of time before my youngest arose.  And it’s not so hard to push those feet over the side of the bed, even after a hard night when I remember what I’m getting up for.  That extra time in bed could cost me any time of that quiet morning peace.

I treasure that moment I have my hot coffee laced with sweet coffeemate in hand, a very quite house and the freshness of a new day so thick in the air…  Everything is so new early in the morning.  Have you ever noticed that?  No matter what happened the day or night before seeing that sun rise in the still quite of the early morning is so…renewing.  Even if you’re body is still half asleep…

Then I sit and am so eager to hear my Lord speak. 

Some days are more fruitful than others, but these last few days have been rich.  I’ve joined with my church in a daily reading plan.  Right now we’re in Luke. 

 The Gospels are so rich and full with Jesus’ life and words… I feel like I could spend hours in one chapter trying to figure out what exactly He meant by that phrase, why He chose to say it right then, and who was he talking too, and how in the world do I apply that to my life right now…

But whatever material I’m using (aside from the Bible), God has moved during my quiet times revealing Himself to little ol me more than I ever thought possible.  That is why I treasure my quiet time so very much.

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