I forget floor time is productive.

Today my to-do list seems never-ending. 

We’re leaving for a road trip to Colorado on Sunday and the prep along with daily chores…is a lot.  You see I try to do a deep clean of the house before we go on a trip, because it always takes me quite a while to recover from one.  So my thinking is that if my house is already extra clean when I get home and I have all my meals planned for the week, a few of them being easy and in the freezer, than my long recovery will create a small set back and not a huge one. 

Sooo, needless to say I’ve got a lot to do with packing, regular chores, and deep cleaning.  And then off course my boys are wanting my attention.  Tyler is being whiney and clingy, Cooper is getting into anything and everything-  trying to sit on my lap and color on my bank book. 

So what’s a young stressed mother to do? 

Well, I just plopped on the floor with them and played blocks.  Put all the cars in a bucket and dumped them out, wrestled, tickled and danced  (ok really just rocked back and forth while clapping.)  Now this can be hard to do for a gal who has a go-go-go mindset.  I like to get things crossed of the list and be productive, to reach the end of the day and be able to physically see the accomplishment of my time and work. 

It’s times like these that I need to remember that the only things that really count are the eternal things.  The boys aren’t going to remember that their laundry was always done, that the food was always hot and fresh, or that the carpet was clean and beds were made.  I really need to focus on the souls that are being molded and shaped right under my nose.  The relationship they have with their mother is far more important than the cleanliness of their living environment. 

Even though it is so hard to see at the end of the day the progress that may have been made in these little souls I have to remember that it’s there.  That the benefits will be reaped in due time.  And if I don’t have everything crossed off my to-do list that it will still be there tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that. 

Maybe I’ll put floor time at the top of my list everyday.  Crossing it off at night I’ll be able to physically see that I yes, I did indeed do something today!

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