I don’t understand little boys…

The other day I was loading the boys into the car- well I was loading Tyler into the car and Cooper was standing round taking in the view of the street.  This is usually what he does.  He points out the cats around, what color a car is if one drives by, an airplane if one happens to be flying above, or if he hears the train which might pass a few miles away. 

On this particular day some neighbors were on their way to get the mail across the street.  It was a mother and her young girl, about Coopers age.  Both ladies were looking over at us and the mother told her young girl to say hello.  And so she did.  She said a very sweet hello.  Cooper stared.  I, in turn, said “Cooper, say hello!”  Aaaand I suppose if you have a young boy- or ever had one you may relate… He jumped up and landed on his feet in a wide stance, arms in the air, and started going “pachooo, choo, pachooo.”  K so it’s pretty hard to convey through words exactly what this sounded like, but if you use your imagination- I bet you’ll get what I mean.  It sounded as if he was pretending that she was a bad guy and he was defending his house, mother and brother- that he was ready to take her down if she continued to pose any more threat.

For goodness sake- she’s a two-year old little girl who said hello.  What is a mother to do at this point? Is he old enough to understand the word “rude?”

I must confess it isn’t the only occasion that this has happened.  He has greeted numerous people who have come over in this same manner.  Maybe he is extending an invitation to play with him?  An ” I dare you to come and get me” sort of game?

Well, whatever it is I’m sure my bewildering adventures (and posts) are just beginning in the areas of little boy karate, superhero, bug and reptile play…

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  1. Hey Christine! I was laughing out loud when I read this because this is exactly what my little 3 year old nephew does. When I say “Hey Jackson! How are you?” He’ll respond by blasting gun shot sounds in my direction. This is of course in addition to running around the house, constantly, pretending that HE is the bad guy, and he has to shoot whoever comes his way…he used to say “I’m a BAD GUY!” while cocking his imaginary gun. I mean, I think its super cute, and my nieces certainly do not do that, but I guess ‘boys will be boys”!

    1. OH good, I suppose even if Cooper’s behavior is “rude,” at least it’s normal! I suppose there might be something wrong with him if he was perfectly polite. 😉
      Thanks for stopping by, and it’s great to hear from you!

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