I am a slug.

I am a slug compared to the jack rabbits my boys are.  They have been in their room for nap time for an hour already and aren’t even close to falling asleep… I on the other hand, put them down an hour ago, heated some lunch up for myself and sat down with a sigh.  I ate slowly listening to their laughing and curious noises.  I went in about 3 times just to check on their safety more than quite them.  If they’re entertaining themselves in their beds I have no reason to complain. 

Except I want that kind of energy myself!  Seriously, when I sat down my body oozed with thanks and relaxed as much as it could and my eyes have been fighting with the weight of my eyelids. 

I did get a lot done this morning, but there is still SO much more to be done.  My mother used to tell me when I was little ” A womans work is never done.”  Oh, boy do I know that to be true now!  Every time I cross one thing of off the to-do list, two more things get added!

The Bible talks about how God gives us energy to rise up on wings as eagles… Christians that were persecuted, tortured and killed believed on that promise, and ones like it.  Surely a stay-at-home mother with two young boys can apply it too, right?  OH, I’m sure gonna try!  That could be quite useful right about now!

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