My home is a disater zone.

There comes a time everyday, usually about 3ish, that I look around and think that my house is beyond hope. It’s literally a disaster.

Toys strewn everywhere so that walking almost becomes wading, dishes in the sink, banana peels, peanut butter, and crumbs all over my counter.

The table is covered with bits of…cereal, or yogurt crustys, or apple peel, or maybe some beans.

If I’m working on any kind of bill(s) or making a menu for the week there will often times be paper or calendars strewn across the table.

My bar counter usually has mail that hasn’t been opened yet- or has been opened and needs to be looked at more closely.

 I do about three loads of laundry almost every other day, so the laundry room may be puking into the living area.

Yep, it’s about 3:00 everyday that I wonder if this is a reflection of what might be going on inside of me. I mean, how many different thoughts and projects do I have going on at any given moment?… Is this the chaos that my spirit is feeling?  Action must be takin!

If the tv is on- it is switched off.  That ‘s one noise I have control over- the boys, not so much.  Eliminating that brings a little bit of order to the mine field. 

I’ll stop my chores and plop down for 15-30 minutes with my bubbling boys and spend some quality time building, or wrestling, or reading, laughing…

 Then I come to realize that in a  few hours my home will be put together once again.  That the peace and joy of simple family fellowship is soon to be tasted. 

Around 4:30-4:45ish we’ll “clean-up, clean-up, everybody clean-up” all the toys get organized and put away. Then it’s bath-time and the boys get their nakedness running around the house while I get pj’s ready and on them. 

Then out comes the vacuum and we play “run round the vacuum”.  I have to remember to put Bower (the dog) out back by now, because the boys get him all worked up with the excited activity, then he freaks out and attacks the vacuum if he’s in. 

Tyler usually wants a lil snooze right about now, so down he goes, and in pops the movie, or Dora, or Diego, and dinner gets movin. 

It’s right about now that a peace washes over me.  Sometimes I’ll pour myself some wine, and if I’m on top of things, I can leisurely put together an enjoyable meal.  In walks Dave round 7 after Tyler has gotten up and is hopefully over the grumpies. 

Now it gets little loud again, as Dave puts on the news, or wheel of fortune while the boys express their excitement about Dad being home.  This chaos is so sweet though- for the king of the castle has returned and rejoicing is in order. 

And over the course of the next hour and a half toys come back out…but it’s a quick clean before bed and my house is orderly once more. 

Uuuntil about 3 the next day…

But whats the point of having something if you’re not going to enjoy it!  Life is messy, and if you’ve got to be clean all the time to have any peace, than somethings not right… 

Conclusion:  I’m learning to have peace among the chaos and to savor the short times my home is actually orderly.

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  1. Kathleen Binstock

    It seems you are ahead of most women your age with little ones. It seems to be about the time the kids grow up and leave for college that we women actually discover to find peace amongst the messes. As they grow and become older, you’ll still have those messes. Our daughter is 20 now and they still come with her!
    Praying for the Lord to continue to use you in this “high calling” ministry of yours!!!

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