I think MY kids are the best!

Ok, I think every mother has this bias.  And if not they should!

My youngest boy, Tyler Paxton,  just turned one.  It’s so hard to believe it was a whole year ago that we were in the hospital.  Looking back at pictures- it obvious he’s grown massive amounts… but it just went by so fast.  

Both my boys have just been an incredible joy during thier little time here on the planet.  Of course there has been times of frustration, but the many, many moments of joy they’ve brought those around them has outshined and overshadowed any kind of unpleasentry that they’ve ever caused. 

You see, Tyler Paxton has dimples. 

And he’s walking (some may say waddling) – even more fun- dancing!  He kinda squats up and down in time and claps.  And honestly, he’s chubs.  I think his belly is bigger than his head.  I don’t know if you can picture this little munchkin with dimples and bed head, with crusty food, drink and spit up on his clothes, squatting up and down clapping… Oh, it’s a delightful sight that just makes any heart joyful. 

 He’s a cuddle bug.  He just kinda folds his whole body into yours and you almost don’t want to let go…

He’s starting to talk a lot too.  He loves playing “Boo!,” and he’ll say tiggle, tiggle, tiggle (tickle, tickle, tickle) while he tickles the dog, his brother, himself…

My other son, David Cooper, who just turned two is potty trained.  He has been since he was about 18 months old. 

He is tall and strong, actually a bit of a brute cause he’s so clumsy and he never watches where he’s going. This can be a big source of amusement if you don’t let it bug you.

 He knows most of his shapes, he can distinguish between colors (although sometimes confuses green and yellow), he also knows most animals and of course their noises.

If he’s throwing a fit he’ll stop imediately when we tell him “calm down,” and he usually obeys even if he doesn’t want to. 

But I think what I love best is that he loves to give “squeezes,” or hugs.  He says “wuv you” and is just so enthusiastic about life that it wears off on everyone around.

It’s so cool to watch as God answers our prayers in these young lives.  I’m so honored to be their mother.  It will be quite a blessed adventure to see these two boys grow up to be great men. I have more to say on this- but this post is looking like it’s already a bit on the long side.  So, more on that later.

It may be challenging not to compare, but it is important.  I am praying that I will be able to admire my children and others without compromising the unique gifts each individual brings to the world.

I believe it’s very healthy to think my children are better than any other.   That’s one thing that should be a priority for every parents.  They should think their kids are the best.  Those kids need to grow up knowing that sombody believes in them and admires them for exactly who they are!  Then we create joyful, secure, and confident people.  (That’s what I’m going for anyway!)

Ok- thanks for letting me brag a bit.  You should comment and brag on some of the best things in your life!  It feels pretty good.

3 thoughts on “I think MY kids are the best!”

  1. I 100% agree – I definitely thought MY kid was the best (still do!). And now, I think MY grandkids are the best, cutest, most brilliant grandkids on the planet. 🙂

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