I let my kids watch to much tv.

I know I’ve mentioned this before- and I’ve really been working on it. Cooper is getting so much better at entertaining himself.

But yesterday he came into our room at 5:15 am. Dave put him back to bed, and then put him back to bed again, and then I told him to go back on his own, and then my alarm went off.
I brushed my teeth, got my coffee, sat down with my Bible aaand a David Cooper came running out rearing and ready to get the day going. So I did what anyone would do at 6:10 in the morning without any coffee in them. I put on a movie (Shrek), gathered my things and went in the other room. But fist I got him milk and snuggled him up under his blanket of course.

As I was finishing my fairly fruitful study, and needing a warm-up on my coffee I felt a twinge of conviction as “the ogir and donkeeee” exchanged a bit of crude dialogue in the front room.  While I was in here filling up on the Holy Spirit and sweet Scripture, I was filling my son up with zingy one liners and crude humor. 

So I decided something needs to be done.  I can’t justify making him stay in bed later, so I’m going to train him to sit quietly and play.  This will come in handy not just during my morning quite times but at all times of the day in all sorts of situations and environments. 

This morning a weary David Cooper slowly made his way over to me as I brushed my teeth and we both came out to the front room for some quite time.  I got my coffee and his milk and told him how it was gonna be.  It was either sit and play quietly or back to bed.  He retrieved two toys from the bin and got his Bible book to sit up on the couch with him.  At seven o’clock after two small swats and two small threats I had gotten a decent study in!  I think we’ll have some sweet mornings together as he continues to grow- I’m really looking forward to it!

3 thoughts on “I let my kids watch to much tv.”

  1. Its so encouraging how the boys see you read your Bible and how they get into their Bible’s. It will be so good for them to grow up with that hunger and thirst for the Word! So good!

  2. Nice! I think it’s awesome that Coop is already reading his Bible with you. And for those tiimes when you still just need that break – you can’t go wrong with Veggie-Tales! 🙂

  3. Kathleen Binstock

    Great job, I love it. I bet these new early mornings with Mom and Jesus will be Coopers favorite part of his day!

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