I let my kids have stuff just to make them happy.

You know, stuff they don’t need, or maybe shouldn’t even have…like that lolly pop.  But I love, love, love, seeing that eager toothy smile, the anticipation wiggle, and hearing that “ee bu mommy!”   Translation: Thank you, Mommy!

And I just wonder- Does God sometimes give us things we want just because He delights in our happiness?

The Bible states “The Lord your God is with you; He will rejoice over you. You will rest in his love; he will sing and be joyful about you. (Zeph.3:17)

What an INCREDIBLE fact.  I suppose I can relate now more than ever before- being a parent it’s so natural to rejoice over my kids, wanting them to rest in my arms, and I wouldn’t hesitate to sing to them how much I love them.  It’s just the fact that the Almighty, Holy, and Everlasting God- thinks that way about ME?!  It’s just a pretty big concept to grasp.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if that Almighty God sometimes answers our prayers with a yes, just to see us giggle, and squirm in delight!  As I picture it in my head I become so humbled.  I feel…so…special.  I am so small, and he is so BIG.  That a little thing like me could make him feel how my boys make me feel after they get a treat- it’s just kinda mind-blowing.  It makes me want to give thanks and praise over every little thing! 

My goal this weekend is to do just that. 

Happy Valentines Day all! I pray that you can delight our Lord with many thank you’s and rejoice in the affection of your loved ones!

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  1. I’ve thought a similar thing about my dog Happy. He is prone to being fearful and insecure. He gets scared of loud noises and sometimes shakes and shivers when there is construction nearby, fireworks, gun shots or slamming doors, or even when Tim is in the basement hammering on something. I hug him and tell him it’s okay, and then say “How can you be so scared when we love you so much? How can you think we would let something bad happen to you?” Then I always think that must be what God would say to me when I’m afraid.

    I love what you wrote, and it makes me feel like when I get a blessing, I BETTER “giggle and squirm with delight” to make sure God gets that satisfaction:-)

    1. I lOVE it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! They’re great. I love thinking about what God may be saying when we’re fearful like that… scared about the future, about finances…all that kind of suff….

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