I care about Valentines Day…

Um, my husband doesn’t.  And I confess it stung a little bit this year.  It’s probably just a girl thing… to want a little something out of the ordinary to make me feel extra special. 

See, I’m cheesy though, I’ll take any excuse to make a day seem special. 

 For example- in my book, birthdays are week-long events. 

I decorate for Christmas mid November. 

In our first year of being married- I’d do something special for Dave on the 22nd of every month (July 22nd is our anniversary). 

This year  I marked on the calendar the premieres of 24 and Chuck

Little Ceasers 3.99 pizza days were also on the calendar… I’m telling you- any reason to celebrate, I’m there!

And to make something special I don’t have to go “all out.”  I just put a little thought into things.  Like some favorite chocolates, or cake for breakfast, or a secret note, or a picnic, or even just a short drive to Sonic for happy hour slushes! 

David on the other hand is more of a Mr. Steady.  He likes to keep things on the simple side.  Really it’s a good thing we have each other to balance the other out!  I can’t imagine how overboard I’d go without him. 

Dave does little things every day that proves he loves and cares for me.  He’ll rub my feet almost every evening.  He greets me with a passionate kiss every morning before he leaves for work, and every evening when he comes home.  He never fails to say “thank you” or “this dinner is really good.”  He always backs me up when the boys are misbehaving, and he goes to extra lengths to get me stay up to watch tv with him at night.  He makes it pretty clear that he likes having me around.  He also will tell me how hot I am when, really, I know I’m not even close looking my best. He holds my hand.  He kisses my nose!  Sometimes when we’re just walking along he’ll randomly give me a twirl…

So I’m ok with David Jaynes not making a big deal out of Valentines Day.  I’m much happier to have a loving, consistent man of integrity than a charmer who is irresponsible. Dave plays along with my silly antics, even if he doesn’t care for them. I really couldn’t have a more incredible lover for a Valentine!

How was your Valentines day? or lack there of?!

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