My favorite clothes are always clean.

I don’t know if anyone else shares this particular oddity- but my kids never wear the outfits I like the most. 

It seems like we’re always at home.  And what is the point in putting them in a cute shirt if no one but me is gonna see it?  I want that shirt clean for that rare occurence that people see them! 

You see they don’t stay clean for long…

This is Tyler in his “Original Rock an Roll” shirt  (thank you BabyFaith Couture!), just 2 hours after putting it on him!  Yaaaa… he plays hard… and has some leaky sippy cups… and spits up on occasion… 

Oh well. 

What’s the use of a clean, cute shirt?  Why, none at all!  Let it get dirty I say!  I’ll just keep up on the laundry…(K- that’s a whole nother confession/ blog post!)

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Tyler is so stinkin’ cute!!! And yes, even as adults I think we save our “best clothes” for a special occasion! I have a great dress that needs worn… maybe a girls night sometime soon? 🙂

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