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Train in The Way, Apply Truth to everyday!

Either sweat in training or bleed in battle.
The Battles of life are inevitable. Avoid the bleeding.
Train in Truth and live in victory!
Crown & Sword Curriculum

For the disciplined individual or leaders looking for teaching material prompts.


For those wanting self paced material with visual guidance.

Soul Training

For those desiring disciplined spiritual habits, and mentorship.


About Christine

A personal trainer for your soul.

 It can be such a challenge to apply what the Word of God says to our messy lives.  It doesn't have to be.  You can live each moment in the grace and authority God has given you!
The critical component in living a thriving and victorious life is Training in the Truth, in the Word of God!
You either sweat in training or bleed in battle.
I'll train you through the sweat to help avoid the bleeding - because the battles of life are inevitable.
Let's work the right muscles to expose that Royal Warrior in you!

Christine lives in Northern Idaho with her husband of 13 years and their four boys. She has been a Christ-follower for 26 years and involved in ministry for 20 years.

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