Hey There!!

It can be such a challenge to apply what the Word of God

says to our messy lives, right?! But it doesn't have to be.


You can live each moment in the grace and authority God has given you!

But here's the thing: you either sweat in training or bleed in battle.

Putting some sweat into training in the Truth will help to avoid all that

unnecessary bleeding, because the battles of life are inevitable.

+ Work the right muscles in your mind & emotions

+ to make the decisions

+ that create the reality you want to live, aligned with the Spirit & filled with Truth!

Let's do this.

I'm Christine,

I've been adventuring with the Trinity since about 1994, ministering since 2000, "wife-ing" since 2006, moming since 2007, and being an author since 2017.

Thyroid disease tried to take me out of the game a while ago. SO- I got determined to learn what God had to say about wellness, and how to participate with Him in the healing.

Honestly, speaking and acting is my jam- especially spoken word. Conveying Truth poetically & practically lights me up!

I'm thrilled you're here & totally stoked to serve you.

You'll find digital resources, full-length spoken word vids, a podcast/show "Devoted In The Daily," and ways I can serve your community!

Spoken Word Pieces

Spoken Word

A short message or monologue written in prose

View Video's of Christine's Pieces Here